simple plan quotes

the best quotes from the guys in simple plan


wow, i literally haven’t been on here in forever. sorry for the lack of everything! i just answered some messages that i’m sure are super old, sorry for the delay! i’m gonna try to get on here more frequently again and get this blog running a bit again :) remember you can always feel free to submit your favourite quotes from the boys with links to videos that they come from! let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see :)

darling-never-stop-smiling asked: I love your tumblr! :) Simple Plan are my heros! thanks you so much!

no no no, thank YOU so much! i agree, they’re definitely my heroes as well! sorry i’m just answering this now, haven’t been on here in forever! i’m gonna try to update this more often now though :)

Anonymous asked: What inspires you to write your songs? There so understanding

hey! sorry, i’m not actually the band therefore i do not write the songs! but i’m sure the guys would appreciate that :)

Anonymous asked: Where did you get a picture when david says that he screamed like a f***ing girl? Is it from a video?

it’s a screen cap from the big package for you dvd!

simplepierre asked: can i have a link to where chuck hits patrick with the ball?

sorry i don’t have one! i screen capped it from my dvd!

also, sorry it took literally forever to answer this, i haven’t been on here is way too long.

hey guys!

i just wanted to say sorry for the lack of quotes. i’ve been super busy lately and haven’t had enough time to watch videos/find quotes. but please, if you have any requests AT ALL, submit them! it’s a lot easier and faster to get them posted when they’re submitted to me!


brianna7x asked: Just now saw that you answered my question about the chat last night, thank you <3 I love this blog. Makes me feel like i'm 12 again, haha :]

haha no problem! thank you very much! <3

Anonymous asked: I was wondering if you could do some Pat quotes. Like, from his bonus material on ABPFY and whatnot.

i do have one from his bonus material, but i didn’t seem to find many of them that were very quotable. but i will look for some from youtube videos and whatnot. if there are any that you know of feel free to submit them!

Anonymous asked: This is just a suggestion... You could put a link to the videos were the quotes are taken from :)

so far the majority of them have been screencaps from my dvds so there are no links! but i can start doing that when i use ones from the internet. this reminds me, if you guys are submitting quotes too, it would be helpful for me if you gave the link so  i can screencap it & also link it! thanks for the input anon :)